Hookup in Brisbane

Have you been getting into the Brisbane hookup scene? Have you been successful? Brisbane Hookup Spots

If not, it could be because you aren’t looking at the right women. If you have found yourself looking for hook ups in Brisbane you are not alone. In fact, there are women out there too.

Because of this, you should make sure you are targeting someone who wants sex now instead of someone who isn’t interested.

Fortunately, there are signs that a woman will give that will tell you she wants sex.

Here are 11 to keep an eye out for:

1 – Look at Her Eyes

One of them main ways to find out if a girl wants to hook up with you is to pay attention to her eyes. Is the girl looking at you?

Is she checking you out? Have you found her to be staring? Give her a nod or smile…see what she does. If she laughs or smiles, it might be the perfect time to approach.

2- Look at Her Hair

Another thing to look for in a woman who might want sex tonight is to look at her hair.  Women’s hair not only is there to help her look good, it is also there to be used as a flirting device and if she is playing with her hair, odds are looking good for you.

3 – Focus on Her Mouth

Is she bringing focus to her mouth or having something in her mouth? If she does, she is definitely wanting you to look.  She might be putting colour on her lips, may be licking her lips or seductively sucking a straw.

4 – She Acts Distracted

Another thing to notice is if she is acting distracted. Why might this be a sign? Because she might be hiding the fact that she wants to have sex with you.

5 – She Speaks to You

When you approach her, a woman who wants to sleep with you will definitely talk to you…as will most decently nice people. How to know if she is one you can take home? See how she responds when you drop sexual innuendo.

6 – She Starts Touching You

Touch is a great sign that she wants you and touching on the side, back or chest are almost sure things.

7 – She Uses Sexual Innuendo

You may get lucky and she will use sexual innuendo too. In fact, if she talks about sex at all, you have a great chance.

8 -She Flirts with Other Guys

You may also see that she is flirting with other guys.  That is your sign to step up your game. She is trying to determine if you really want her or not.

9 – Her Clothes are Revealing

Another sign a girl will give if she is ready to have sex tonight is that she will wear revealing clothing. If she shows cleavage or wears a shirt skirt, she is looking for attention.

10 – She Points Her Body Towards You

You will see that a woman who stands with her hips and body pointed in your direction will want to have sex. If she starts leaning into you or pushes her hips towards you, its a great indication.

11 – She Might Tell You

Finally, you may find a woman who knows exactly what she wants and this is the woman who will be upfront and say…I want you tonight. Don’t argue, just take her home.

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